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Transform or improve? Which brings you powerful results?

Digital Transformation – The myth … the hype … or the reality. A Digital Journey.

Which is important?

(1) Digital Transformation is a deep, large program that changes throughout the business. Usually involves a new business model.

(2) Improve your business by repairing, enhancing, optimizing, and replacing where needed. Transforming through a series of steps.

Both are important. Either way, your focus should be on business excellence with a digital and consumer mindset. It is a Digital Journey and you start by understanding your consumers, employees, operations, products, capabilities, and messaging.

Unless you are changing the business model, improving what you have may be the better path for you to achieve your objectives faster and with less cost. Done properly, you transform what you need to be transformed over time.

So, let’s demystify the buzzwords

Digital Transformation


the result of managed changes in (1) the business, (2) the way the business works, (3) its employees, and (4) its consumers


the use of digital methods to optimize, connect, repair, improve, and innovate to maximize your revenue potential

Don’t get hung up on the buzzwords… this is about growing your business by improving it … the journey to do that uses digital methods.

The approach must be a well-thought-out roadmap to maximize your investment. 

Prioritize what brings value and everything you do should focus on improving the business or don’t do it.

Bob’s Boat

Think of an aging tugboat. Leaks? Slow? Out of capacity? Inefficient? Manual client scheduling?

What are my options?

  • Replace engine? Speed
  • Fix leaks? Or sink
  • Maintain engine? Uptime
  • Add a tow barge? Capacity
  • Add fuel capacity? Distance
  • Replace boat? New model
  • Automate business processes? Optimize use and Profit
Bob’s tugboat

What can you do to improve the boat over time to meet my top objectives? You don’t have to change your business model unless you want a luxury yacht or the tugboat business got disrupted. The same applies to your business.

Offers to consider

These are tailored workshops on best practices to improve your business.

  • Digital strategy (direction)
  • Creating and nurturing a digital mindset (adoption)
  • Building a Digital COE (governance and induce innovation)
  • Digital methods: application road mapping (techniques for low code)
  • Experience generation and mapping (consistent, connected, friction-free)
  • Customer engagement (digital methods and personalization)
  • Consumer behaviors (targeted campaigns and programs)

Start with what is critical. Things that slow you from making decisions, implementing programs, engaging consumers, and making a profit.

Be thoughtful. It is not a speed race or a giant leap to the end. This is a race won by patience. It will save you frustration and budget.

The end? There isn’t one. You should always be “transforming” and improving. Digital methods continue to evolve and so does the market. , So, your digital journey never ends.


Most companies cannot afford the cost or time to implement a full-scale digital (business) transformation. If you identify what is really important to the business and focus on those things, you begin the transformation journey. Repair, improve, replace or enhance? I call it rejuvenating. Not a buzzword either … it is a way to identify your strengths and amplify them while fixing business and tech speedbumps. Do you want more impact? Then improve across organizational boundaries.

What brings the most impact for the investment? I have an assessment workshop to helps you start.

Rejuvenating your business delivers an agile, connected, customer-centric, optimized business that seizes opportunities and delivers value to customers this is operating with digital excellence and interacting with great experiences. This is your objective. Your goal? That is up to you.


Build a connected, flexible business model demonstrating who you are, what you are offering, and how you are doing it. This is a major shift in your business direction often used to fend off disruption and maintain your competitive position.

Transforming? Add these:

  • Adopt a Customer-centric perspective
  • A business model that is agile and resilient
  • Build meaningful customer experiences
  • Tame the chaos in a complex environment
  • Empowered leadership in an inclusive culture
  • “Digital mindset” for engaged employees
  • High-impact product portfolio inspired by innovation
  • Optimized operations and connected processes

This can be your transformative journey to growth