US Based Management Consulting Focused on Simplicity, Digital, Consumer Experiences, and Growth.

Focus on business excellence, one step at a time.

Progress is made in each step with no shortcuts. Just a strategic path for everyone to follow.


You start with an objective and an understanding of your situation. Generate ideas to achieve your objective. Then form strategic choices to determine the direction of your path and build a plan to proceed.


The smart path to success is looking at the whole picture. All connections and interactions across the business.

A good goal is a connected business because a connected business can adapt, flex, and grab opportunities.

Business excellence depends on all pieces working together … aligned and functioning in a high-performance mode.

Let’s look at major segments of a business and ask how we are performing in those areas.

A capability assessment will expose where you need to improve.


  • Is your portfolio robust and enhanced to go beyond a commodity and offer true value to customers?
  • Do you have innovative solutions and proof of concepts customers want?
  • Have you taken your core competencies and turned them into viable products?
  • How do you take an idea and make a go / no go decision to productize?
  • Have customers adopted your products?
  • Let’s shape your product portfolio into something customers love.

Organization and Culture

  • Is your organization ready and equipped to thrive?
  • Can your organization embrace change?
  • Have you embraced diversity, inclusion and thinking?
  • Do your employees have the necessary skills and guidance?
  • Let’s engage employees and make them successful.

Business and Rev Gen

  • Are your processes robust and connected?
  • Are you hitting the right targets to win with a plan?
  • Is your messaging connecting and captivating enough to engage?
  • Do you have the right content to influence decision-making?
  • Are your campaigns effective for lead gen?
  • Is your sales team effective and equipped with the right tools?
  • Let’s communicate value to your audience.

Digital, Systems, & Process

  • Do you have the right automation tools to scale?
  • Have you built a Digital COE and governance hub?
  • Do you have the right systems?
  • Are processes connected end to end?
  • Can you access all data, aggregate it, and display it on intelligent consoles for rapid decision-making?
  • Is data available to make informed decisions?
  • Let’s connect areas of the business to meet objectives and work as one.


  • Do you have disconnects with your customers?
  • Are they satisfied enough to recommend your business?
  • Have you engaged your customers for retention and expanded use of your products?
  • Are you responsive to issues and their needs?
    Are your customer experiences memorable?
  • Let’s appreciate, engage, and nurture your customers.

These questions will help to start the conversation on where to improve. It is important to dig into all areas of the business to understand what is holding you back from achieving your objectives.

Be ready and in the right place for consumer, industry, and technology shifts and opportunities.

Digital integration and automation are mandatory for business effectiveness, organization flexibility, market alignment, and customer engagement.

Build your path to business excellence. My guidance will help you stay on the right path.

Ideas for Workshops

  • Consumer-centric:  models, approaches, strategies
  • Customer experience: journeys and Channel Unity
  • Consumer behaviors: targeted campaigns
  • Consumer engagement and decision management
  • Cultural rejuvenation and culture as the new brand
  • Online site and application planning
  • Go-to-market planning: Idea to concept to launch
  • Build your product portfolio with strategic intent